View Full Version : It`s time to develop a new ideological picture of the world

02-19-2018, 04:17 PM
The attitude towards Russia in the United States reaches the grotesque. It`s not only my opinion. President Trump himself believes that the intelligence services are so focused on Russia that they forgot about internal control.

The tragedy of high school mass shooting in Florida in 2016 was a reason of it. In fact, they rendered a service to Russia, in America there is discord and chaos. Of course, it is easy to shift responsibility to others in order to collect political dividends. But .Generation Y is cruel in the US, and in Russia and everywhere. Such situations happen all over the world.

In Russia schoolchildren rape schoolgirls, in Europe classmates kill each other. This is not a matter for the special services, it is a matter of changing the cultural values of the whole world. And we must start from the refusal to shoot militants, thrillers, detectives. Indeed, in the modern world, cinema is one of the main factors that shapes thinking. And the Internet, which is not subject to control. Maybe it's time to sit down at the round table instead of the charges and develop a new ideological picture of the world where there is no cruelty? The threat is not in Russia, but in the culture of the blog basters. Do you agree with me?