View Full Version : Jennifer Lawrence naked roles for Red Sparrow movie

02-21-2018, 11:27 AM
Recently I have read an article about the actress Jennifer Lawrence, where she tries to justify herself for her roles. The most talked about is the role in the movie «Red Sparrow», where she needs to stand naked in front of the school children. Jennifer Lawrence also justified herself for her role in the film «Passenger» (2016), where she kisses with Chris Pratt. By the way it was her first sex role, so the beginning of her career. According to Lawrence, she even got a stiff drink to get up enough courage show her nude body.
After the role in this movie, she was tormented for a long time with questions about how she could do it with a married man.
Do you believe?
And then she began to make excuses for her photos at the wedding of Amy Schumer's surprise wedding in Malibu, California. According to her, she did not notice how the buttons on her dress from Dior opened.
Do you believe?
Lawrence is not the first and not the last actress with sex roles. It is a guilt of Hollywood and the requirements of modern filming. The actress should be ready for nudity in a movie to get the best role and to be on the charts of the sexiest women. If Lawrence was not ready for nudity, then she would be replaced by another in «Red Sparrow». There are many actresses in Hollywood and the most of them are ready to put out a robe to show all body because nudity is a way to success.

Otherwise the success of the role for the «Red Sparrow» went to another.
Nakedness, sex is an integral part of modern cinema. Therefore, such excuses are rather a PR for a movie and actress, a way to relax the audience, to show what purity is inside her body. However, every girl who wants to become an actress knows: if she wants to be famous, nudity is a must.
And what do you think about this?