View Full Version : What kind of trip do you prefer?

03-03-2018, 11:31 AM
Тhe most of us like to relax comfortably in hotels all inclusive with minimal entertainment. I treat myself to such people, and may be that`s why I think that majority like me.

However, there are people who love rest with travel and adventure. According to the Booking.com ( I think you know what is this) the most popular destinations for such vacations are Argentina, Guatemala, Columbia etc. These are countries of eco-tourism. According the most popular reviews the great impression is walking along the Wild Pacific Trail among twisted tree trunks. As they say a wild coastline with stunning ocean views (Ucluelet Peninsula, Canada) is an amazing place. In such countries as New Jersey you can ride a horse or other local unique transport, visit coffee plantations (Salento) For gastro tourism gourmands prefer to visit Brazil, Dominican Republic to taste a specific local cuisine.

I think you agree with me that such travel is not for everyone. Especially if there are babies with you. Although there are families who love travel and adventure and they do not interfere with such tourism, even if they have small children. But I'm not one of them and really envy them. I prefer to be in a hotel ''all inclusive'' just walking around the city and shopping.

How do you like to relax?