View Full Version : OSCAR: Academy Awards or Process of Beauty?

03-06-2018, 07:58 PM
Do you agree with me that we, women, watch ceremonies like «Oscar» and others to see what the stars wear on the red carpet, how they laid their hair and made a make-up. Because it will be a trend of the year.
The stars themselves are trying to get not only a prize, but also the title ''Icon of Style''(maybe it is more important for them) like Merlin Monroe, legendary Sophy Loren and Elizabeth Taylor.

And it's good that we have such application as Instagram. Here we can already see the details of the dress, hair or make-up, after show it to a hairdresser or a tailor, saying: I want the same:

By the way, there are many stars like as Laura Dern, and Zoey Dyoch who show in their Insta profile full beauty process. I think it is very important information, for us, women. That` s why they have many followers. The most of us want to look like a star.

But I can`t understand why men do so. For example, in profile of Armie Hammer`s Instagram you can find such photos of his preparation for Oscar.

What`s your opinion?