View Full Version : McDonald`s menu as an example of success

03-09-2018, 09:22 AM
What is the secret of McDonalds? As for me there are 2 points:
1) commitment to the idea.
2) a well thought-out plan of action.

I think you agree with me. As you remember, the most of us have stopped on the way to implementing the idea, listening to advice to others or do not believe in the success of it.

According to the history of this famous brand when the founders of McDonald's developed the idea of fast food, it was still not familiar to people. I am sure, there were many skeptics of the idea of a cheeseburger and chickenburger. But the founders of McDonald had a good plan with detailed steps of development (which we are now talking marketing steps) Nowadays McDonald's is a well-established brand. Even nasty articles about McDonald`s cheeseburger, hamburger in socialmedias and ''yellow'' magazines cannot «harm» its popularity.

I'm sure, every of us very often read articles about the harmfulness of the MD`s menu for our body but it does not matter. We like at end of a day eat a cheeseburger, drink a cup of coffee, chocolate, eat Egg McMuffins and take an ice cream with waffles take and ''to go''.

Don`t you?)