View Full Version : Hamptons estate is cheaper by $2 million

03-11-2018, 01:58 PM
Do you explain me how sexual assault can affect the price of real estate? Recently I have read an article about Matthew Lauer, a former NBC show host. After a sexual scandal, he lowered the asking price of his Hamptons estate.

I agree, such scandal, can affect the amount of the contract or lead to divorce, as did our sex giant`s wife Annette Roque (drove him out of his townhouse). By the way, she could do it because she bought the remaining 10.6 acres of this area after marriage for $ 935,000.

But tell me, how can this affect the value of the house? Is it possible after the scandal, a luxurious mansion with six-bedroom, tennis court, dining-room turn into an ordinary house? Do not forget please Sag Harbor where Hamptons estate is located is one of the most elite district.

Or it was an overpriced, for the ''brand Matt Lauer''.

About the sex scandal: I think in the field of journalism and show business, very often women themselves provoke it. So I think they liked sexy toys Matthew Lauer while he offend them. Offended woman is capable of everything.