View Full Version : Why it is necessary to ban diesel cars?

03-13-2018, 07:12 AM
Do you agree with me that the issue of ecology rather becomes a tool for lobbying. There is no general global approach to this issue. But different countries take some actions under the aegis of the protection of the environment, which are rash, hinder production and industry.
Therefore, when many politicians talk about reduce production or using the energy of the sun or wind, I'm just ridiculous.

Let's look at this example: the production of diesel cars in Stuttgart and Düsseldorf was limited by the rule of Federal Administrative Court. The reason is very simple: manufacturing is pollute the air. Please do not forget that that manufacturing of diesel vehicles takes one of the leading role in German economy. Of course, the such kind of bans harms the economy of Germany. But I have a question: is their everything is ok about air pollution in Japan. The USA and others? What is about other chains of industries?

To my opinion this dissuasion is a result of behind-the-scenes negotiations, for example, with Japanese manufacturers who want to capture the European market, and such brands as Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen hinder them.

I think it is a play which name is POLICY.