View Full Version : What have you bought today?

01-06-2019, 07:56 PM
You should also tell the exact location of the purchase, price tag, what size did you select so further questions can be avoided.

01-11-2019, 03:31 PM
Oh my God, It` s very difficult but I try to do it. But is it really interesting for everyone? I do not think so, but I do it, because I am relaxed now and do not want to write very serious topics.

(Do not surprise, I like it very much, it`s my weakness, my supper and dinner. That`s why I do not buy meat, but buy chocolate).
Also I have bought banana, apples, kiwi, but I do not remember prices. Sorry.

Also I have bought presents for my sister and parents:
I have bought:
a blue blouse -11 $;
a green bag - 20.5 $;
a snarf - 12.1 $;

Unfortunately I haven`t buy anything for me and it is really tragedy for me. But I think I will do it at week-end.
By the way, I have a question: why do wanna know prices?
Are you from tax service or somewhere like this?
So I do not tell you where I go shopping.
But I'll be honest and say I'm a shopaholic.

01-14-2019, 03:53 PM
Today my favorite day for shopping. Because there is a promo "family day" in our supermarket and with my daughter I have a special discount. So I have bought as much as I could.

It was really awfully to spend so much money for eating.

I decided the next time I will go to do shopping special for me.
It helps me to work hard, to wast hard:)

01-15-2019, 09:23 PM
Usually, I don't do shopping too much, since I don't have have much time for it.

In general, I do the main shopping for the coming week in the weekends. During the week I only buy few things, when something is unexpectedly finished or some extras, or things I want to have always fresh, like bread, for example.

However, today I wanted to buy some fresh salmon, so I dropped into the nearest mall, which has lots of brand shops besides a huge supermarket. These days we have sales everywhere, so it makes sense to visit some fashionable boutiques. My attention was attracted by a fantastic black layered coat from Elisabetta Franchi. Moreover, there was 50% discount on both models, nice colors, my favorite white but… They had only size 38 left. What a pity, only 200 euros for such a fantastic coat! Today is definitely not my lucky shopping day...

01-16-2019, 06:20 PM
Oh my God. Just the time to do shopping.
Its time of discounts and I want to buy everything. How much to earn - that's the question:) .

Although I have a principle: to buy everything at the end of the season during a great period of discounts. And that's right: you buy a lot of goods at crazy low prices.
Now on business. I received a gift card for $ 100 in H&M. There is nothing found for the price and quality match. Eventually bought for my daughter:
- 2 jackets for next year - the amount of 50.5 $;
- a knitted dress - 5.5 $;
- a blouse - 5.5 $.
I wanted to buy a stylish jacket for myself, but did not find. Wanna open a secret: a bit has become thick:mad:.
After t shopping bought more food for a week and a bedside table from IKEA. Then came. had lunch and after I wrote the post. So it is very relevant.

03-06-2019, 08:42 AM
I did not buy anything and I want it so much ..