View Full Version : How are you dressed today?

01-06-2019, 08:26 PM
A T-Shirt.

My T-Shirt is of blue colour, my shorts are of white-brown colour. I bought the shorts in India and the t-shirt in netherlands. Cost was about 30$ for both items.
I don't wear socks.

My typical outfit is very light too.

That's it :)

01-10-2019, 08:46 AM
A white shirt and a tweed brown shirt.

My shirt is Zara, I bought it at a discount 30$.

My tweed brown shirt is made in China, but it is very sexy, really. I bought it about 30$.

I wore high boots with this outfit. I bought them about 50$, they are made from suede.

As a woman I do not forget about accessories. It's my weakness.

Big earrings are my business card. I have many earrings set. They are no expensive but very stylish. I order them on…… oh no, it` s a secret. May be I buy them at 1$ and less. But they look really very expensive, stylish, extraordinary.

So, go on.

Do you want to know about my…..underwear…

Just know I am wearing a nude bra and nude lace shorts. There are red lace rose with pink lining on the front, and little swirls on the hips. I do not say тthe price. Shhhh, it` s a secret as well.

Brands for me is not the main thing, the main sense of style, Even in the market of mass clothing can be stylish and tasteful dress. Like me.

01-11-2019, 08:49 AM
Today I have an active day planned, so I have to betray my high heels with 5 cm heels. I work in large-scale company, so we should wear only classic.
Today I put on a pencil skirt from Zara, which had a ridiculous price of $15, although it has leather inserts.
A white blouse with red embroidery elements adds a bit of "high day" to my image, but doesn't overload the total look in the office. So my boss can't find fault with me!:) I can't remember from where I've got the blouse, but maybe on some kind of stock. A don't like to spend a lot of money for dresses at all. I can find quality items for an inexpensive price.
Shoes are from Stradivarius. Usually they totally have no perfect shoe pare in their shops, but this one are really stylish. Beige color successfully lengthens my leg.
Maybe someone knows an online store with classic clothes? I need something new to my wardrobe. Just one condition: please, won't let it be "grandma's style" :)

01-13-2019, 09:19 AM
Well, like Exhededra, I also have an important busy day in the office today. So, the same sad story, no high heels for me but nice elegant black shoes from Valle Verde (160€). I have to look business-like, so for today I choose a blue jeans jacket from Luisa Spagnoli (198€) and blue trousers from the same brand (78€). Now, my usual concern is to choose the most suitable blouse. Let it be a white elegant blose by Motivi (49€), since the total look must be business-like and neutral, so I stick to the classical combination of colors. As a last finishing touch, I put on my ring together with silver bracelets and wear my favourite perfume, J’adore. And, of course, a coat, for its too cold outside. Let it be a black one from Sandro Ferrone this time (149€) . I tell you honestly, I hate cold seasons and can't wait till the winter is over. It's so much nicer to wear only beautiful light dresses or other light clothes and enjoy the sun! Do you agree with me?