View Full Version : Man in kitchen - a catastrophe?

01-22-2019, 06:46 PM
What do you think? I think it's sexy.

01-23-2019, 08:07 AM
Men are good cooks. The feel how to mix the spices, add them to various dishes, and whatnot.

01-23-2019, 07:37 PM
Visit any cool restaurant - in most of them, the chiefs are men.

01-23-2019, 08:00 PM
I do not say that women cook awfully, simply gentlemen do it much better, and they are more creating in these activities.

01-24-2019, 09:00 AM
The best cooks are men. Women of course cook very well, but usually at home for the family. It’s rare to meet a woman chef in a restaurant, so a man has better leadership skills needed in a large kitchen.

01-25-2019, 08:20 AM
Men are the best cookers.
When my man is in the kitchen for me it`a very sexy.
But.... it will be once a week or a month
Because to cook is a woman`s duty.

01-25-2019, 10:38 AM
I dated with a cook and it was cool to come back home with the thought, that he has already made a dinner:D Conveniently!

Now my boyfriend is not a cook, thanks God, but when heís doing something in the kitchen itís soooo sexy!!! Iím ready to attack him:)

01-25-2019, 07:28 PM
Hello! I'm that guy in the kitchen :D

I love to cook so much that when somebody asks me to go to the bar or to the kitchen I'll choose second! It's true.

But I have no enough free hours for cooking

02-03-2019, 02:58 PM
I don't think it is a catastrophe. A man in a kitchen it is something. My hasband is a good cook. He sometimes cooks and when he cooks he doesn't let me to be in the kitchen. There are dishes that he cooks better than me. But there are simple dishes that he never cooks. He never make coffee or tea. And he never cleans or washes the dishes. It is my duty.

02-12-2019, 05:51 AM
What do you think? I think it's sexy.

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02-19-2019, 05:11 AM
What do you think? I think it's sexy.
I think it's sexy, too.